The Importance of Lutein

Published: 22nd April 2010
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Have you ever heard of Macular Degeneration? It is an age-related eye problem. Meanwhile, we should also mention another world-lutein, an inborn substance in our eyes, but can not reproduce them automatically. Some investigations among us Americans have disclosed that many of us will suffer from Age-related Macular Degeneration as we grow. The root of the problems lies in the lack of lutein.

Lutien, a very powerful antioxidant, can be found in the central part of our eyes, or namely, macular. It is a very important member of carotenoid family.

Another nutrient that resembles lutein is called zexanthin, also a very important member of carotenoid family. In fact, the two nutrients are responsible for the health of our macular in terms of blocking harmful lights.

Then, we should know more information about lutein, such as how to gain them, and how much we should intake each day, etc.

Our eye cells will be oxidized and die off easily, as they are working under too much pressure.

Thus we should find some methods to prevent the aging process of our eyes.

Most of us may want to know where and how can we get it. Here are the answers for the questions.

The simplest way for us to intake sufficient lutein is to take some supplements, which contain at least 6mg, the minimum amount we need intake each day.

Still, we can intake the nutrient through foods. Some leafy vegetables, fruits, and eggs are abundant with lutein.

Anyway, only if we have ingested sufficient lutein each day, we will not suffer from any vision problems caused by the lack of lutein.

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